Pack it all out with full electric Rivian pickup truck or SUV

The old adage of “Pack it in, pack it out” unfortunately doesn’t apply to typical vehicles. In most cases, to get all our gear to and from the trail, or bring the family on a backcountry (or urban) adventure, we’re leaving something more than footsteps behind: exhaust and pollution.

We’re not here to preach (we own a giant toy hauler RV at the moment), but we do love the potential of the upcoming full-electric Rivian R1T pickup to change the way we get to and from our family adventures.

The Rivian R1T uses four independent 200hp electric motors, one at each wheel, to offer full realtime all wheel drive. Couple that with generous ground clearance and a wading depth of three feet and you have a very capable off road vehicle. On the road, it’ll rocket from 0 to 60 in a claimed 3 seconds, so it seems quite capable there, too.

full electric Rivian R1T full size pickup truck
Climbing superstar Alex Honnold becomes one of Rivian’s first brand ambassadors. All photos ¬©Rivian.

And for adventures, the capabilities to carry all your gear come from a front trunk under the hood (no engine there!), the covered pickup bed, and pass-through storage directly behind the cab. The doors to that storage spot double as seats for when you’re parked, making it easy to pull boots on and off or just relax after your ride, run or whatever.

full electric Rivian R1T pickup truck has no gas engine

Inside the cab there’s room for five, with no transmission hump to take up foot space for the middle passenger. Sustainable wood accents complement the otherwise luxurious but hardy interior. Out back, the bed has a motorized cover that’ll hide and lock your valuables inside, plus a three-outlet 110V charging port and air compressor. A full size spare is hidden under the bed’s floor.

Rivian R1S Full-Electric SUV

Need room for more passengers than cargo? The Rivian R1S SUV shares the same electronic propulsion system, wading depth and 0-60 time as the truck, but will carry two more people inside. It also keeps the 330L storage trunk under the hood, giving you more room for stuff than the typical gas guzzling SUV.

The underside of both vehicles is covered with a full length skid plate that’s also fully sealed, helping you drive over or through whatever is on the trail (or highway).

With a 400+ mile range (they say it’ll go from San Francisco to Yosemite and back on a single full charge) and a towing capacity of 3,500kg (~7,700lbs) and 800kg (~1,760lbs) payload, there are very few compromises for going all electric.

In fact, there’s a whole lot more upsides. They’re building in a combination of Lidar, Radar, Cameras, GPS and Ultrasonic sensors to enable their vehicles to drive autonomously on the highway. Inside, an oversized screen can show you various data points, or go full screen with the maps, including a planned off-road map with terrain and elevation info. We. Want. One. Now.

Rivian Electric Truck & SUV Pricing

Want one? They’re taking pre-orders now with a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. Production starts in 2020, and top level models with the largest battery pack and electronics packages will be made first. Base price for the R1T truck is $61,500 and R1S SUV is $62,500…and they’ll go up from there. Depending on model and options, range can vary from a claimed 260+ miles up to 440+ miles per charge.

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